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For the 2013-2014 school year, Baden Academy has created the Calliope program, a class that combines literature and art. When looking for a name for the program, Calliope was the perfect solution. The word, pronounced kuh LIE o pee, was the name of one of the nine sisters from classical mythology known as the Muses. Each of the sisters was responsible for an area of learning and the arts, and Calliope was the one in charge of eloquence and poetry. And the first four letters of Calliope's name — c a l l — is perfect to represent a program that celebrates creative arts and literary learning.

While reading the grade-level descriptions about Calliope, keep in mind that this is not a traditional art class. One week may be focused on hearing a story, discussing new vocabulary, and doing some creative writing and illustrating, while the next class will involve a more in-depth art project or a collaborative class project. Know, too, that we will be saving much of individual student's artwork in journals and portfolios, and their work will be displayed at school-wide events at several points during the year.


Focus: Poetry and Nursery Rhymes
Instructor: Mrs. Jeannine Hardman

Overview: Calliope Junior will focus on developing students’ vocabulary, their fine-motor skills, and their ability to communicate through both words and artwork. Students will also be encouraged to explore their senses and to “visualize” images in their own heads. Finally, hands-on art projects and age-appropriate writing assignments will encourage the reading-writing-art connection to prized at Baden. Four themes will structure the year: Animals, Self and Others, Nature, and Around the World.


Focus: Fables and Fairy Tales
Instructor: Mrs. Carrie Kennedy

Overview: All activities throughout the year will (1) celebrate the children's developing imaginations and emerging language and writing skills, (2) provide a foundation in classic stories and storytelling, and (3) create countless opportunities for hands-on projects that tie in with the standards for visual arts. Themes during the year include the works of Hans Christian Anderson and the Brother's Grimm, a study of Aesop's fables, an exploration of wonder tales from Africa, Asia, India, and the Middle East, and stories written by modern writers.


Focus: The Ways We Learn
Instructor: Mrs. Carrie Kennedy

Overview:  Third graders will move through a curriculum based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, an approach to education that encourages children to appreciate the different and exciting ways that people learn. In addition to the traditional language and mathematical domains of learning, therefore, Multiple Intelligence theory recognizes the value of spatial, kinesthetic, musical, naturalistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal learning. Each month, one of these eight areas will be explored, and they will presented to the children as: word smart, logic smart, picture smart, body smart, music smart, nature smart, people smart, and self smart.


Focus: Myths and Legends
Instructor: Mrs. Carrie Kennedy

Overview: The subject of mythology and legends is truly one of the most interdisciplinary subjects available to young students because it invites a study of history, culture, language, literature, architecture, music, and art. The Calliope program’s vocabulary lessons and writing prompts will encourage verbal communication and critical writing and analysis skills, while rich and diverse hands-on projects will support visual arts standards, including experimentation with shape, line, texture, symmetry, color theory, balance, three-dimensional drawing, contrast, pattern, proportion, and harmony.